The Maersk clinical skill laboratory has been an integral part of the teaching and learning students since the establishment of the school. One of the cardinal principles of our medical school is to help students to formulate their own learning goals. This is seen in the modular concept of the curriculum, the problem based learning approach and the teaching of the clinical skills early in the programme.

The Maersk Clinical skills Laboratory is one of the first structures built at the H.S. Amonoo-Kuofi Medical Village. The Skills Laboratory helps students to integrate the various subjects and modules as they are being taught. It receives students from level 200 to level 600. At the basic science levels, students are introduced to the concept of how human body works as complex machine and the ways to identify certain phenomena as they are taught in classroom. At this level the emphasis is on how to identify and develop the skills in examination of the normal human being and the concepts underlying it. Students are therefore encouraged to use the skill acquired to generate their own hypothesis for further studies.

During clinical years students are able to use the manikins in the skill laboratory to supplement their experience with patient examination and findings on the wads. This is done through simulations and real case situations as may be deemed fit by the facilitators.

Currently plans are in the offing for generating a number of continuous professional development and skills training programmes for practicing doctors, nurses and health care professionals. There are also plans to.

The skills Laboratory is seeking partnerships with corporate groups and individuals to assist in provision of additional equipment, facilitate the introduction of e-learning skills and promotion of faculty development that focuses on skills laboratory training is continuous for vocational training.