The Department of Psychological Medicine and Mental Health is dedicated to expose the medical student to mental health issues and to equip the future doctor to competently and confidently deal with, and manage issues related to mental health and to make appropriate referrals where necessary.

The Department engages in research and teaching of issues related to human behavior and mental health.

The Department also caters for the psychological and emotional well being of the students. The Staff of the Department who are also members of the students’ Support Services Committee of the main Universiy address students’ difficulties and concerns regarding their psychological and academic needs.

Staffed with Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrics, the department is committed to excellence in the field of mental health. The Department coaches students to participate in the public speaking Competition on Mental Health among medical schools in Ghana. The Debate which is aimed at encouraging medical students take up Psychiatric as a specialty is held annually. It is organized by the Vincent Agyapong Professional Corporation in Alberta, Canada and co-sponsored by the same Corporation and the St.Patrick’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.