Dr. Emmanuel Kusi Achampong

The Department of Medical Education & Information Technology (DMEIT)

The Department of Medical Education & Information Technology (DMEIT) provides a wide range of educational support services which also include faculty information technology support. The Department’s major development and research programmes are in the areas of educational outcomes, medical informatics, medical illustration, medical education, problem-based learning
support and performance-based assessment. The Department strives for excellence in teaching and learning and provides educational resources and training as well as professional services and maintains active research involvement across the health and allied sciences. The Department has set up and maintains an e-learning platform that enables module coordinators post study guides online and also provide faculty the vehicle for posting lectures and tutorials online. The Department shoulders the responsibility of coordinating continuing professional development (CPD) events for doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and other health workers. Departmental research focuses on medical education, medical informatics and instructional technology. It has 3 (three) recent publications relating to the security, attribute-based encryption and configuration of access control and authentication methods relating to electronic health records in the cloud computing environment.

Dr. Emmanuel K. Achampong
Senior Lecturer