Dr. Patrick Kafui Akakpo

The Department of Pathology


To build a preferred department of anatomic pathology that is strongly positioned in anatomic pathology research, teaching and practice in Ghana


To use current anatomic molecular and histopathology pathology research to improve our understanding of disease processes and also improve the teaching of anatomic pathology


  • Engage in current anatomic molecular pathology research relevant to common disease conditions prevalent in our setting
  • Develop improved and modern ways of teaching anatomic pathology to under graduate students
  • Develop relevant academic but professional programs to help improve delivery of anatomic pathology services in Ghana and beyond
  • Develop relevant academic pathology programs to help improve delivery of anatomic pathology services in Ghana and beyond
  • Build a department made up of academics with requisite clinical knowledge and skills who lead molecular pathology research and also make anatomic pathology relevant to medical care in Ghana




The department is currently responsible for teaching of Anatomical pathology, including histopathology, cytology and autopsy practice to medical students (SMS), Physician Assistantship students, Biomedical Science students, Forensic Science students, Radiography students and medical laboratory scientists (MLS).


Research in the department of anatomic pathology focuses on the study of the molecular and morphological changes that occur in cells, tissues and organs as a result of diseases and injury. The department has keen interest in cancer research especially cancers that are common in our setting.

The department is currently involved in;

  1. Gynaecological pathology research
  2. Breast Pathology research.
  3. General autopsy pathology research.


Individual manuscripts written by senior members in the department can be found on their individual blog.


The department collaborates with all clinical departments in the School of Medical Sciences, UCC, the Faculty of Laboratory Medicine of the Ghana College of Physicians, the West Africa College of Surgeons and the Ghana Health Service to provide continuing professional development for practicing medical officers in the Central and Western regions and residents in training.


The department is currently involved in the investigation and diagnosis of diseases. In line with this the department runs an autopsy service for natural deaths considered to be of academic value as part of clinical audits and also for forensic cases under investigation by the police. We assist the high court as expert witnesses during the trial of relevant forensic cases.



The department has increased the number of pots at the Anatomy museum and has catalogued all the pots at the museum.


The department has submitted for approval, a new certificate course in ‘Mortuary Science’ to improve the practice of ‘mortuary men’ across the country. It will be run on sandwich basis if finally approved.

Dr. Patrick Kafui Akakpo
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Leonard Derkyi-Kwarteng
Senior Lecturer