The fundamental dream of our medical school to produce high calibre doctors who are people centered, community oriented, and research conscious and informed, requires a holistic development of self and mind. As the school does its part in academics, the University of Cape Coast Medical  tudents’ Association (UCCMSA), rides on the core values and vision of the school to facilitate the nurturing and polishing of the abilities of students in and outside the lecture rooms. The Medical Students’ Association functions as the mouthpiece of the entire student body and the welfare of each one of us is paramount. We therefore seek to promote, protect and hold in high esteem every student and ensure the highest standards in our training. Using our knowledge gained to advocate for good health amongst people in Ghana, Africa and the World, we act as the nidus of our school’s vision to be a world-class medical school with international acclaim. Our activities include a welcome party for our freshmen.

The “Akwaaba” Bash brings the new students and continuing students to interact with each other and help them garner the necessary tips and contacts to start the enjoyable quest ahead. The Annual Health Week is dedicated to enable students show their diversity and make a contribution to the community we fnd ourselves in. The programmes for The Annual Health Week include, symposia, debate, football competition, educational trips, health screening, cooking  ompetition, movie night, dinner and many more. The entire academic year is kept sunny by Interclass football league called the MediLiga and  asketball competition, MedHoops.

UCCMSA makes its impact in the Federation of Ghana Medical Students’ Association and has significantly  ontributed to the running of the federation with the current Vice President, Mr. Gideon Assan, National Health Officer, Mr. Vincent Amoako-Adjei and Financial Secretary, Mr. Farid Haruna, all coming from our association. We host students from the International Federation of Medical Students very year and give them an experience to remember with our school’s vision of being a medical school with worldwide acclaim in mind. We also go on  exchange programmes with other medical schools in our countries to learn from them and establish contacts.

Our graduates are evidence of the holistic training UCCSMS gives to its students. On behalf of the MSA, we say AYEKOO!!! to our honourable members who have gone before us. Your indefatigable thirst for knowledge and sacrifices for the association, parents and loved ones have brought you this far. As ambassadors of the school and association we know and are proud that you will make a difference wherever you find yourselves. May God be with you all.

Yussif Musawwir
President, UCCMSA 2017/2018

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